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AI4EU Web Café : « Composing AI Pipelines with AI4EU Experiments » (15h00)

24 juin 2020 de 15 h 00 min

On June 24th, 2020, at 3:00 pm

Martin Welß (Senior AI Solution Architect for Fraunhofer IAIS in Germany) will present the live AI4EU Web Café Session themed :

« Composing AI Pipelines with AI4EU Experiments. »

Description of his live presentation :

In his talk Martin will show how to onboard AI tools as re-usable building blocks that then can be used to easily compose AI pipelines in the AI4EU Experiments visual editor. He will also explain how to package a tool for onboarding and how to work on pipelines in teams.

Bio :

CV: Martin works as Senior AI Solution Architect for Fraunhofer IAIS in Germany. He has more than 25 years experience in developing Java Enterprise Applications and DevOps on Linux in different roles like developer, architect or Scrum Master. For Fraunhofer he works now in the AI4EU project mainly on AI4EU Experiments and the publication process.

Here is the link to register


Date :
24 juin 2020
Heure :
15 h 00 min
Catégorie d’évènement:

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