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AI4EU Web Café on October 23rd with Jean-Luc Dormoy from the Hub France IA

23 octobre 2019 de 15 h 00 min

On October 23rd, at 3 pm will take place a new public AI4EU Web Café session themed “ Leveraging the impact of AI in Europe” presented by Jean Luc Dormoy :

“The impact of AI is going to happen in all domains of human activity. To face this, we might need new ways of interacting and imagining solutions. For example, if existing business has to adapt, new business has to be favoured, and both should interact smoothly; or, society at large should be able to properly assess the benefits as well as potential threats of AI, and so to understand what it is all about; this will be a condition for a stable, democratic Europe.”

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Date :
23 octobre 2019
Heure :
15 h 00 min

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