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AI4EU Web Café : « Transparency in automated decision-making processes and personal profiling » (15h00)

11 décembre 2019 de 15 h 00 min

On Wednesday, December 18th, at 3 pm (CEST)

Theme: Transparency in automated decision-making processes and personal profiling

The Speaker is:
Manuela Battaglini (Transparent Internet, Denmark)

What is the Presentation about?

Manuela Battaglini will speak from a legal and ethical perspective about “Transparency in automated decision-making processes and personal profiling”.

Her idea is to talk about how we are where we are right now in terms of privacy (a bit of historical overview, briefly), then talk about what is causing opacity in ML algorithms and the issues, and then, the solutions.

Speaker: Manuela Battaglini

Manuela Battaglini is a data ethics lawyer, strategic marketer and CEO of the company Transparent Internet. She helps businesses and organisations to identify why, how and with which transparent and ethical technologies they can simultaneously increase market reach as well as client trust and benefits to society. Manuela initially worked as a lawyer for 10 years. In 2008, she engaged in the world of strategic digital marketing where she has, over the years, acquired deep knowledge about the inner working of online platformsand big data. Over recent years, she has combined these areas of expertise, as she understands the nexus of law, marketing and technology. Recently, she has founded a company, Transparent Internet, combining law, data ethics, marketing and technology to help companies and organisations develop, implement and use technology in a more transparent and ethical manner while at the same time increase their commercial edge. Manuela believes that if more organisations develop and implement technology in a more ethical and transparent manner, we will enhance personal freedom, trust, tolerance and sustainability. And this is the world she wants to live in.

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Date :
11 décembre 2019
Heure :
15 h 00 min

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