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CRI Workshop: From big data to smart data (13-15 nov)

13 novembre 2019 à 15 novembre 2019

In this three-day Advanced Workshop, the CRI will bring together 10-15 leaders in the fields of fundamental and applied AI/ML as well as policy makers to identify and discuss the most timely research directions. Rather than relying on frontal presentations on the state of the art, we will harness the collective intelligence of the assembled experts to look towards the future. The topics will emerge from the conversations among the participants, but will broadly be driven by questions such as:

  • How can we successfully use AI/ML for research on data that is scarce and/or expensive to collect/label (e.g. in physical sciences, where acquiring and tagging millions of data points is unattainable)
  • Can we understand the underlying algorithms: What are the basis for the decisions made? Can we detect and correct possible biases?
  • What impacts AI will have on our society? How can we make sure it will benefit the common good?
  • What are the next frontiers of AI?
  • How can we leverage open and citizen based science approaches to build trust with non-experts and build an informed society?

Current confirmed participants include:

  • Carla Gomes (Director of the Institute for Computational Sustainability, Cornell University, USA)
  • Matthieu Komorowski (senior lecturer, Imperial College London, machine learning and critical care in medicine)
  • Hanan Salam (founder « Women in AI », researcher, professor and entrepreneur)
  • Clément Moulin Frier (research scientists, Cogitai Inc., USA)
  • Antoine Cully (research associate, Imperial College London, AI and robotics)
  • Yann Le Cunff (assistant professor, University of Rennes)
  • Françoise Soulié Fogelman (co-founder of Hub France Intelligence Artificielle, member of European Commission AI High Level Experts Group)
  • Hugues Berry (Vice director for “Health, biology and digital”, INRIA, France)
  • Patrick Loiseau (Research Scientist @INRIA – Chair on Explainable and Responsible AI within the MIAI@Grenoble Alpes institute)
  • Jean-Baptiste Masson (Principal Investigator, Institute Pasteur)
  • Laurence Devillers (Professor of , LIMSI-CNRS)
  • Natalia Diaz (Ass. Prof. of Artificial Intelligence, ENSTA ParisTechm, Inria, France)
  • Jill-Jênn Vie (Research Scientists, Inria Lille, France)
  • Michele Sebag (Research Director, Inria & CNRS, France)
  • Alice Othmani (UPEC Paris)
  • Themis Palpanas (Paris Descartes)


Début :
13 novembre 2019
Fin :
15 novembre 2019

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