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The Belgian AI Week

15 mars 2021 à 19 mars 2021


One week of interactive events on artificial intelligence. For citizens, business, researchers and the public sector.

About this Event:

  • How is AI impacting society?
  • Can technology be oriented towards ethics and democracy?
  • Which applications in health, justice, energy, mobility and media field?
  • What are the challenges for research and for universities?
  • How can citizens have a say in the challenges related to AI?
  • What regulations should be put in place to ensure that AI is trustworthy?
  • What place for the public service in the development of AI in Belgium?
  • What is the environmental impact of AI?
  • How will be industry 4.0?

Artificial intelligence is changing our world: let’s shape it together:

DISCOVER – the way in which AI is revolutionizing society, business strategy and almost every field in society.

CONNECT – plenty of opportunities to grow your network, meet academics, organisations, start-ups, incubators, and join the AI players community in Belgium.

SOLVE – in-depth, purposeful, real-life cases that provide insight into business challenges.

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Début :
15 mars 2021
Fin :
19 mars 2021
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