Federating French AI players

The Hub France IA is committed to boosting the AI ecosystem by encouraging the proximity of actors in order to accelerate the development of operational projects.

About us

The Hub France IA is an association under the 1901 law that aims to federate the actors of the AI ecosystem to allow the development of proposals and concrete solutions.


The Hub France IA aims to represent applied artificial intelligence on a national and European level.
The Hub France IA acts for an applied and sovereign AI at the service of operational projects.

By supporting

the AI ecosystem

By participating

in the emergence of new projects

By committing

to a European model focused on ethics

Working groups

The Hub France IA Working Groups allow members to share experiences and issues, to pool tools and methods in order to develop projects and produce operational deliverables in a trustworthy environment.

AI Index
Banking and auditability
Human Resources
Transport and logistics

Our members and partners

The Hub France IA is made up of 150+ members and partners to accelerate the adoption of AI within companies and institutions at the national and European levels.

Our members and partners

Our european actions

European AI Startup Landscape

Top AI Startups in Germany, Sweden, France and the Netherlands

AIxIA 2022

From No-Code Machine learning to General intelligence
NOVEMBER 15th and 16th

European AI forum 6th edition

Flagship conference in collaboration with nine national AI-associations in the EU.
Date to be announced

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