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Federating French AI players

Hub France IA is a non-lucrative association accelerating the development and adoption of a responsible, ethical and sovereign AI by all economical players.

About us

Hub France IA is, +150 members and +50 partners: startups, SMEs, ISEs, big corporations and institutions that aim to support the national strategy for artificial intelligence.

Hub France IA


A key player

· At the cutting edge of AI technological and regulation monitoring

· In close interaction with French and European competent authorities


Federating and animating the AI ecosystem

· Creator of spaces dedicated to share and exchange
· Working for visibility and promoting synergies

Supporting the adoption and skill upgrading of key economical players

· By sensibilize and acculturate to AI stakes
· By promoting good practices and AI commons production
· For their industrial strategy and sustainable development

Working groups

The Hub France IA Working Groups allow members to share experiences and issues, to pool tools and methods in order to develop projects and produce operational deliverables in a trustworthy environment.

AI Act

The Regulatory Monitoring Committee was set up in September 2023 as a follow-up to the work of the AI Act group and in response to the past context of the trialogue. In particular, the committee is closely monitoring the different phases of the various versions of the AI Act during the trialogue, working with the European AI Forum (EIAF) to establish a common position that has been passed on to the parliamentarians and national public authorities involved, ahead of the trialogue meetings.

Banking and auditabily

The "Banking & Auditability" group, created early 2021, focuses on the challenges and risks of AI for the banking field, and on regulatory and auditing aspects. Risk analysis, remediation methods and appropriate tools are the topics the group is tackling. Group participants are exclusively employees of the three co-pilot banks.

Chat GPT

The ChatGPT group focuses on the operation, uses and impacts of ChatGPT, and more broadly of generative AI (GAI). The group's recommendations for adopting a reasoned use of these new technologies are the fruit of co-construction work with the group's contributors.


The cybersecurity working group explores AI uses in cybersecurity but also questions cyber-risks related to AI. To do so, the working group focuses on identifying use cases and players related to AI and cyber. Through a cycle of intervention, the working group consolidates its expert vision of this field.


The "Environment" group positions itself as a catalyst for topics around frugal AI, sober AI and, more broadly, attempts to define the underlying principles of the "green AI" concept. It is also a forum for monitoring the digital sobriety challenges and for identifying AI & Environment use cases.


The "Ethics" group addresses the issues and challenges of implementing an ethical AI. Led by feedback and experience sharing on the implementation of ethical charters for AI, support and dedicated tools, this group is working towards a better understanding of the principles of an ethical AI and the means to implement it.

Generative AI

The "Generative AI" group explores the underlying techniques, and identifies the impacts and uses of multimodal solutions, and LLMs in particular, to produce concrete elements that aim to better understand the benefits and risks of these approaches.


The "Healthcare" group focuses on AI innovation topics in the sector. Tools, methodology, use cases and concrete support for AI projects in the healthcare sector are all part of the group's roadmap.


The formation working group has deeply work on identifying AI professions and stakes related to the professionals’ formation on AI, to allow them a global apprehension on AI’s projects. Understanding the needs of corporations about formation and identifying their deficiencies are the main themes of this group.

Human Resources

The "Human Resources" group, which welcomes HRDs and startups who are experts in the field, identifies AI solutions that are changing HR practices. This group is also constantly analysing the role of HR teams in the deployment of AI within companies and in supporting business lines.

Standardization & IA

By the end of 2022, Hub France IA and AFNOR launched a working and thinking group on AI and standardization, in collaboration with France Digitale, already partner with AFNOR on regulatory and standards topics. The group was a sharing and experimentation place for concrete cases. It aims to animate think-tank on AI standard transcribed stakes, decipher regulatory evolutions and spread content and use cases.

Transport and logistics

The "Transport and Logistics" group has structured an association, AI Cargo Foundation, with the primary aim of creating a shared asset, in the form of a technology platform, that simplifies collaboration between players in the sector. The group thus aims to develop innovative AI projects to transform the transport and logistics sector.


Initially focused on voice technology issues, and having structured the Voice Lab association, this group is expanding to include language-related issues. Bringing together players in the voice field, NLP and machine translation, this group focuses on annotation issues, data access and relies on key technologies’ benchmarks in the sector.

Our members and partners

The Hub France IA is made up of 150+ members and partners to accelerate the adoption of AI within companies and institutions at the national and European levels.

Our members and partners

Our european actions

European AI forum 8th edition

Edition under the spanish presidency
December 13th 2023

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